Lori is the Executive Director for the Healthy Shoppers Club.  She has always been interested in keeping herself healthy through what she eats and by exercising.  She also wanted to find a way to help other people improve their own level of wellness.  After doing much research and examining many companies and health products, she finally came across an extensive line of  effective, doctor-created nutrition products that would appeal to people with and without health challenges.

In addition, the company also offers a full line of other helpful & necessary items such as Healthy Chocolate, Coffee, Weight Management, Essential Oils, Designer Clothes & Jewelry, Energy & Nutrition, Online & Traditional Scrapbooking, Mineral Makeup, Spa Products, Candles, Household, Treats & Health Products for Pets, Gardening Products, etc.  When she realized that the company provided a way for customers to purchase all of these products at wholesale prices, she knew she needed to share it with other people who wanted to get or stay healthy, and those who want to save money (or make money), and that’s how the Healthy Shoppers Club was created!


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