Our Referral Program

If you love shopping online and enjoy sharing a great find with your friends, we invite you to learn more about our Healthy Shoppers Club! The concept is simple – become a member of our club, find products that you love, and order them on your free website. As a member, all of your purchases are at the wholesale price – which is 30% off! This lifetime membership provides you access to over 2,000 items, including: Healthy Chocolate, Coffee, Weight Management, Essential Oils, Designer Clothes & Jewelry, Mineral Makeup, Energy & Nutrition Products, Non-GMO & Organic Foods, Scrapbooking & Card Making Items, Botanical Spa & Personal Care Products, Candles, Home/Garden/Pet Products, etc. Plus, unlike many companies which charge high fees to ship out products, our company offers you free shipping starting at only $50.

Go tell those friends, family & neighbors who love to shop about this concept, have them watch our video, and refer them to your site to get their OWN referral membership, or to become a preferred customer at no cost. Simply for doing that, we will send you a “thank you” check in the mail each month for referring others to order from our company! And the cost for this lifetime membership won’t break anyone’s bank – it’s only $25! It’s a win-win for everyone. We all save money, spend less time buying the things we need, AND we get paid for doing something we do each week anyway – referring others to try products we are using ourselves!

We provide you a simple way to invite your friends and family to take a look at what our Healthy Shoppers Club has to offer.  Share the message about our club’s member referral program by sending them to this page. To see how you can shop, save & share… while getting a few extra dollars in your bank account each month, check out our video below, then check out our store HERE!


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