How Would You Like to Have Access to a Doctor
Anytime, Anywhere, 24/7/365!

Now you can get unlimited virtual doctor house calls for your whole household! Normally this costs $49 per visit, but through us, you can have an unlimited membership for just $29/month (for up to a family of five) with no per visit charge! You will have access to U.S. Board-Certified, Credentialed, State-Licensed Doctors, with immediate access by phone, and a 15 minute average wait time for video chat, from the #1 telemedicine provider.

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Sept. 08, 2015  – From the American College of Physicians:  Policy Recommendations to Guide the Use of Telemedicine in Primary Care Settings.  Telemedicine “has been shown to increase patient satisfaction while delivering care that is similar in quality to, and in some cases more efficient than, in-person care and support.  Research shows that telemedicine can potentially reduce costs, improve health outcomes, and increase access to primary and specialty care.”

These are actual comments from people excited to find out about telemedicine, and results they had!
I had an bad irritation with my eye and I postponed going to the doctor’s because I knew it would take so much time to drive to the doctor’s office and wait in the waiting room.  Then the pain became a lot worse and it became very red, probably because I didn’t nip it in the bud.  Then I ended up finding out about Telemedicine.  I went online, made the online appointment, and within 10 minutes a doctor called me back, looked at my eye, and sent a prescription to my local pharmacy.  Telemedicine saved me a lot of time and money!”
– Maryellen Duchesne
Southern NH, Boston MA area

I swam in a hotel pool with my boys and got swimmer’s ear.  Later that night, the aching became bad enough that I called MDLIVE.  That was really my only choice, since it was after hours, when everything was closed.  I requested a call with a doctor, and a doctor called me within 30 seconds.  He sent a prescription over to a nearby pharmacy immediately.  The whole process took less than 4 minutes!
– Scott Becker
Jacksonville, FL

A friend of mine called and suggested that I give Telemedicine a try.  I was very skeptical, to say the least, but was I surprised. … I am a believer. … This is amazing.  If you haven’t tried it, you need to!
– Victoria Crosby
Salt Lake City, UT

I have been battling a severe chest cold with persistent coughing for almost two weeks. I never take drugs when I have colds. I only use natural supplements and remedies. Yesterday it got so bad that I decided to try MDLive.
MDLive responded to my call immediately. I gave the agent the information she needed, and she told me a doctor would call me within 15 minutes.
The doctor called in 9 minutes. He asked what my symptoms were and diagnosed it as bronchitis. He prescribed: a steroid, an antibiotic and cough medicine, and he said the Rx would be sent to my pharmacy.
– Margie McGrath
Charlotte, NC

For about a week now, I have had what I suspected to be a ringworm on the top of my foot. I called MDLive and within about 30 seconds got a call back from Dr. Kent Northcote. I told him what I suspected, but I couldn’t figure out how to upload a picture on the site, so he gave me his cell phone number to text him my picture. Somehow we got disconnected, but he called me right back. He looked at the picture and confirmed it to be ringworm, then told me to get some over-the-counter fungus cream and what brand, since not all anti-fungal creams will help. He also told me it would take a few weeks. He was very friendly and helpful and made me feel like even though it was a small issue, it was still important. The whole process took about 7 minutes. It was so worth it! I am grateful that I was able to take care of this over the phone and didn’t have to go anywhere. I am sold on MDLive!
– Ralae White
Salt Lake City, UT

I am very happy and impressed with all of the positive feedback and stories I have been hearing and reading about Telemedicine and the MDLive service.
– Ed & Debra Middleton
Yonkers, NY

My wife had a sinus infection. She went to the doctor and was prescribed medication for it, but that didn’t clear it up. The doctor wanted her to come back in for a follow-up. Instead, she setup an appt. with MDLive: a doctor called and asked her questions for about 10 minutes, then wanted to see the medication that was initially prescribed, to verify what she got. He asked for my wife’s iPhone number, and then he called back via Facetime for that visual confirmation, and then he was able to prescribe different medication. That saved us a doctor visit!
MDLive followed up 3 days later – they called to see if she got her medication and if it worked. And it did work. I was impressed with the promptness, the professionalism, the whole experience. When you call them, they instantly call you back. They asked if she wanted a male or female doctor – they make you feel comfortable. It was a wonderful experience!
– Billie Sanford
White Plains, MD

Within 3 minutes, I got a call back from a physician, and he already had my medical history. … I was impressed with the response time. … [The doctor] was very cooperative, very friendly. Within an hour, my pharmacy called me and said my prescription was ready. … The service was excellent.
– Brian Sherwood
Harrisonburg, VA

“The concept is amazing and makes so much sense – I’m so tired of paying $$$$ to just get a simple antibiotic for my kids!”
– Diana Munn
Pittsburgh Elite Gymnastics Academy

“Thank you so much for sending this out to me. I am so glad that you did. I was so excited about this when it was supposed to take off with [another company]. Being a Registered Nurse now retired, I would love to share this with as many as possible.”
– Robin Harris, RN
East Stroudsburg, PA

“This is the first time I actually want to tell my friends about a program!”
– Harold Jaynes
Jacksonville, FL

“My family and I were on vacation in California earlier this year when our youngest suddenly came down with a nasty stomach bug in the middle of the night. Even just a year ago, our only options would’ve been to drive around an unfamiliar city to find an open urgent care or potentially spend hours in an ER waiting room. But thanks to the growth of telemedicine, my wife was able to fire up her smart phone, video chat with a board-certified doctor and pick up a prescription at a pharmacy within walking distance to the hotel. The entire process took less than 45 minutes before we had the medicine in hand, and our daughter was back to her usual rambunctious self within a day. The cost was our usual primary care visit co-pay of $25.”
– Mike Murphy
President, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Nevada

“One night, when her face turned puffy and painful from what she thought was a sinus infection, Jessica DeVisser briefly considered going to an urgent care clinic, but then decided to try something ‘kind of sci-fi.’ She sat with her laptop on her living room couch, went online and requested a virtual consultation. She typed in her symptoms and credit card number, and within half an hour, a doctor appeared on her screen via Skype. He looked her over, asked some questions and agreed she had sinusitis. In minutes, Ms. DeVisser, a stay-at-home mother, had an antibiotics prescription called in to her pharmacy. ‘I’m terrible about going to the doctor, just because of the time it takes,’ Ms. DeVisser, 35, said. ‘This feels empowering: you just click a button and the doctor comes to you.’”
– Jessica DeVisser